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The BRAND workshop is ideal for dentists, physicians of any specialty, clinics, and health startups looking to design for the first time or reinvent their brand and business model.

In this workshop, we will identify what makes you different from the competition, designing a profitable and scalable healthcare brand.

4 weeks of coaching and brand design were conducted by our CEO Dr. Argenis Carmona. 

Why become a Brand?

Your brand represents a promise to your patients, a way to connect emotionally with them.

Patients fall in love with outstanding brands, believe and trust them.

How a brand is perceived affects its success whether it’s a personal brand or corporative one.


5/5 Satisfaction

Huge Benefits

The most complete Branding Workshop with the best results.

Perform a patients / users segmentation.
Identify what makes you different to competitors.
Turn your strengths into an exceptional Brand.
Project an outstanding image identity.
Build an Profitable Brand Strategy and Business Model.
Attract more patients.

The Brand Pathway

A successful method with more than 10 years of development by our CEO, Dr. Argenis Carmona.  

Know your patients.
Week 1: Marketing
With powerful marketing activities, we will analyze your patient market, characteristics, needs, and motivation agents. Also the digital strengths of your competition. 😉
Design your brand.
Week 2 : Branding
A brand is a promise; it is what the patient thinks of you, and our coaches will be there to help you design it this week. We'll figure out what makes you unique, as well as your personality, before designing the most crucial part of your brand: the concept.
Design your business model
Week 3: Brand Strategy
This week you will apply management tools that will boost your Brand by enhancing your business model. Design your mission and Vision with your coach and plan your strategy with the Canva Business Model.
A visual connection with your patients.
Week 4: Brand Identity
We will determine the guidelines for the creation of your new visual identity. Our team will produce creative designs that will help you reinforce your presence in the patient's minds, working together and under the guidance of your brand concept.
Four weeks of coaching and design process.

Choose the Ideal Workshop for you!

With our Workshop Brand, build emotional connections with your patients and users.

Workshop Brand: Personal Edition

Ideal for dentist and doctors who wants to desing for the first time or redesign their brand.

Workshop Brand: For Startups + Clinics

At BRAND we will identify what makes you different from the competition and we will design a profitable health brand.

Are you ready to design your Brand?

Write us now!

Investing in your brand is the first step to a successful practice.

This workshop has been successfully performed by dentists, doctors, and healthcare startups in countries like Germany, Spain, USA, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Panamá, Perú, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela.

Branding para odontologos y medicos

Meaningful and adjusted to your time.

The workshop activities are designed so that you spend only 15 minutes a day, the video lessons last between 1 and 3 min.

Thanks to our virtual lounge you can have access from your mobile phone or personal computer 24 / 7.

Have a video call meeting with Dr. Argenis Carmona after each activity for feedback and guidance.

Access the best Branding Workshop, exclusive for healthcare.

More value, affordable price.

Change the course of your career in just 4 weeks, with the guidance of our team. The Brand workshop is the first step to connecting with the minds and hearts of your patients.

Secure payment methods
Starting at

$1250/Brand Personal Edition

Enjoy all the benefits and boost your practice.

Patients segmentation.
Competition analysis.
Brand differentiation elements.
Brand personality definition.
Brand Concept
Business model and star services identification.
Misión, Vision and Value proposition.
Visual identity design, logo, colors, typo fonts and tagline / mantra.
Logo usage guidelines and brand strategy final report.

Is time to design your Brand.

You have the potential to change the lives of thousands of Patients

Your strengths are unique and that is why the patient´s experience is also unique.

In this workshop, you will learn about new ideas and tools that allow you to access a successful future.

If you feel that it is time to change, our Brand workshop can help you achieve your goals.

Write us, and together we will make it happen.

Dr. Argenis Carmona

The Wise Centaur Inc · CEO. 

Are you ready for boost your practice?

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