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Ümani Dental Group: Case Study.

Ümani Dental Group: Case Study.

Ümani Dental Group and its leader, Dr. María Laura Labernia.

An exemplary clinic that demonstrates that it is possible for patients to live a more human dental experience while continuously growing and generating well-being for all.

Thank you María Laura for allowing us to accompany you on this path.

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Client: Dra.  María  Laura  Labernia. Santo  Domingo  ·  República  Dominicana.

Brand: Ümani  ·  Grupo  Odontológico.

Hired Services:

BRAND: Patients segmentation, Brand Concept, Logo Design, Brand Strategy.

NEXUS: Web Design, Patients Attraction strategy, Digital Advertising, Social media content production, Digital presence design.

LINK: Patients Attraction Strategy, Digital Advvertisign Campaings, Social media content. Community Management.

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