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Ümani · Grupo Odontológico: Estudio de caso.

But also because of its concept and what its implementation means in the Dominican Republic.

Ümani Dental Group and its leader, Dr. María Laura Labernia.

An exemplary clinic that demonstrates that it is possible for patients to live a more human dental experience while continuously growing and generating well-being for all.

Thank you María Laura for allowing us to accompany you on this path.

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Client: Dra.  María  Laura  Labernia. Santo  Domingo  ·  República  Dominicana.

Brand: Ümani  ·  Grupo  Odontológico.

Hired Services:

BRAND: Patients segmentation, Brand Concept, Logo Design, Brand Strategy.

NEXUS: Web Design, Patients Attraction strategy, Digital Advertising, Social media content production, Digital presence design.

LINK: Patients Attraction Strategy, Digital Advvertisign Campaings, Social media content. Community Management.

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