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Social Media Management and Patient Attraction Strategies Made Easy.

Link is a monthly subscription service where we will accompany you, every day to boost your dental / health brand in a more personal and effective way, implementing traditional and digital advertising strategies with social media actions.

We will produce digital media content for you and manage your social networks and internet sites.

With Link, we will support you at all times, and we will work together to implement an ethical and 100% personalized advertising strategy.

Patients Attraction Strategy + Digital Ads + Social Media Management

More benefits with Link

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Patient attraction strategy
Social Media Management for Dental and Health
Digital ads campaigns config: Google Ads and Meta Ads.
Digital media content production, edition, and daily publishing.
Technical Support and coaching for patients attraction.
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Increase your revenue in more than 100%
We are experts in patients attractions campaigns for dentist and doctors.

Subscribe. Create. Attract. Connect. Impress. Loyalty.

Adapted to your budget

Patients Attraction
Strategy with social media


Our expert team will design an advertising strategy focused on your patient market and aligned with your brand.

In it, we will carry out traditional and digital advertising actions that will help you increase new patients to your clinic.

Social media and advertising service
Dental and health social media design

Content Design and Social Media Management


With more than 10 years of experience in the design and implementation of social media strategies for dentists and doctors, we know what really works.

We will create a true emotional connection between your brand and your patients through cross-media content (images, audio, and videos).

Don’t worry, we take care of uploading the content to your social network and keeping your digital sites updated.

What are you waiting for?

Is time to boost your practice!

Google Ads, Meta Ads, and More…

Digital Advertising
That Works!

We simplify the Digital Advertising World, with campaigns that will connect you with thousands of possible patients.

Let more people get to know your brand and gain new patients every month.

Social media advertising - The Wise Centaur

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"LINK" (Lite Version) Monthly Service Subscription. *Digital ads investment not included.

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