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HI·LINK Health marketing and social media management

We build digital bridges with your patients of today and tomorrow through hybrid intelligence.

Introducing HI·LINK, a monthly subscription service that redefines the approach to digital marketing and social media management for professionals and organizations in dental and healthcare field.

It uses the concept of hybrid intelligence, combining generative artificial intelligence technology with the experience and creativity of our expert team, to attract and create meaningful connections with your patients.

Explore today the possibilities that Hi Link offers to improve your connection with patients in the competitive digital world of health.

Patients Attraction Strategy Powered by Hybrid Intelligence

More benefits with HI·LINK

Attract and retain more patients
Increase your revenue
Save time and effort
Project a professional image
Improve your communications
And more...
Digital Marketing for dentist and doctors
Increase your revenue in more than 100%
We are experts in ads campaigns for dentist and doctors.

Patient Increase
and Revenue Improvement.

Hi·Link employs advanced strategies to attract and retain patients, which not only expands your visibility and reach but also directly contributes to an increase in your revenue.

Our approach is designed to maximize the value of each patient, fostering long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Dental and health social media design

Continuous Support and Professional Projection

We combine artificial intelligence and human experience to offer you personalized and ongoing support.

We develop content that strengthens the relationship with your patients and projects a professional image, which is crucial for growth and retention.

Time and Resource

We simplify digital marketing and social media management, allowing you to focus on your medical practice.

Hi·Link reduces the administrative workload and optimizes your marketing efforts, providing efficient and effective solutions.

Hi·Link social media management for healthcare

Continuous Support and Professional Projection

Is time to boost your health brand!

Aligned Communication and Improved Health Care Experience

We ensure that all your communications are aligned with your patients’ needs, building trust and improving the perception of the care provided.

Each interaction is an opportunity to reflect a genuine commitment to quality care.

Google Ads, Meta Ads, and More…

Digital Advertising
That Works!

We simplify the Digital Advertising World, with campaigns that will connect you with thousands of potential patients.

Let more people get to know your brand and gain new patients every month.

Social media advertising - The Wise Centaur
digital marketing and social media management for healthcare

What does the Hi·Link service include?

  1. Design of a customized patient attraction and retention strategy with Hybrid Intelligence.

  2. Recommendations and tools for patient attraction and acquisition.

  3. Creation of a customized GPT, trained with the identity, service experience, treatments, voice, tone, and writing style of the professional or health brand.

  4. Production and publication of content for social networks: Images, short videos, and animations.

  5. Configuration and publication of digital advertising campaigns: Google Ads, Meta Ads.

  6. Analysis of results and optimization recommendations for digital advertising campaigns with hybrid intelligence.

  7. Management and Optimization of your Online Reputation.

Who can subscribe to Hi·Link?

Individual Practices and Specialists: Doctors, dentists, psychologists, and nutritionists.

Professional Groups, Small Clinics, and Wellness Centers.

Government, Large Institutions, and Health Startups.

Starting at


"HI·LINK" Monthly Subscription. *Digital ads investment not included.

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Write us!

Hi! I´m Hanna your support at The Wise Centaur, write me a message if you need answers about our services.

Hi Link is a monthly subscription service for digital marketing and digital media management, specifically designed for professionals and organizations in the health sector.

Hi Link uses artificial intelligence and customized strategies to create more empathetic and effective communications, strengthening relationships with patients.

Yes, Hi Link implements digital marketing strategies, including SEO and online advertising, to increase visibility and attract new patients.

Yes, Hi Link is adaptable to various health practices, from individual clinics to large health institutions.

Hi Link produces a variety of contents, such as images, short videos, and animations, all designed to emotionally connect with the patients.

Link Hi analyzes patient communication patterns and preferences to offer personalized recommendations, ensuring more relevant and empathetic responses.

Yes, Hi Link provides detailed analysis of the impact of implemented strategies, allowing adjustments to continuously improve results.

The combination of advanced artificial intelligence with human experience for more personalized and empathetic communication distinguishes Hi Link.

The cost of Hi Link varies depending on the size and specific needs of the practice, offering plans starting at $385 per month for individual practices.

You can start with Hi Link by contacting The Wise Centaur for a personalized consultation, where your specific needs will be evaluated, and the most suitable plan recommended.

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