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HI·BRAND is an innovative branding digital service designed to change the traditional approach for dental and healthcare professionals, clinics and startups.

Leveraging the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence alongside the nuanced expertise of our human team, HI·BRAND offers a unique service that empowers healthcare entities to forge a distinct brand identity that truly resonates with their target audience.

Why become a Brand?

Your brand represents a promise to your patients, a way to connect emotionally with them.

Patients fall in love with outstanding brands, believe and trust them.

How a brand is perceived affects its success whether it’s a personal brand or corporative one.

A brand is the first step to build a legacy.

Branding dental y medico
Diseña tu marca dental y de salud con inteligencia artificial

Guided by our IA Health Branding Expert.

Alix is an Artificial Intelligence expert in health branding. Its main function is to guide you in the design of your new brand.

The primary benefit of designing a health brand with Alix’s guidance is the unparalleled precision and personalization it brings to the branding process.

By leveraging AI’s analytical capabilities and our human team deep industry insights, Alix ensures that your brand not only stands out in the competitive healthcare market but also resonates deeply with your patients.

This strategic approach maximizes your brand’s impact, fostering trust and loyalty among patients and positioning you as a leader in healthcare innovation.

HI·BRAND Benefits

The most complete Branding service powered with hybrid intelligence. A ChatGPT PLUS subscription is required.

Perform a patients / users segmentation.
Identify what makes you different to competitors.
Turn your strengths into an exceptional Brand.
Project an outstanding image identity.
Connect with more patients.
Hi Brand is the most advanced branding service for dental and healthcare.

Why choose HI·BRAND?

Automation and Efficiency: Significant reduction in brand development time.
Advanced Personalization: Use of AI for a branding experience more tailored to individual needs.
Cost-Effectiveness: Lower investment of time and resources by the client.
Flexibility and Accessibility: Available 24/7 through an online platform, allowing clients to interact at their convenience.
A simple and guided process for everyone in dental and healthcare field.

Just 10 Days to become a new brand.

With HI·BRAND build emotional connections with your patients and users.

The HI·BRAND Pathway

The Hi·Brand Pathway outlines a four-step journey to crafting a new health brand, meticulously designed to transform your vision into a compelling brand identity.

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Step 1: Hire HI·BRAND
Hiring Hi·Link marks your first step towards creating your brand in the healthcare sector. This process is straightforward and accessible, allowing you to use your preferred credit or debit card for the transaction. By completing this step, you secure access to a suite of tools and services designed to transform your vision into a distinctive and resonant brand.
With the technology of ChatGPT
Step 2: Start your interaction with Alix
You will begin a detailed interaction with Alix, our artificial intelligence specialized in health branding, programmed to ask you deep questions about your vision, values, and objectives. A ChatGPT Plus subscription is required.
Feedback and human sensibility.
Step 3: Send Your Conversation with Alix to Our Team.
After completing your interaction with Alix, the next step involves sending the transcript of your conversation to our team. This document acts as a creative brief that our design team will use to start the process of designing your brand's identity.
A visual connection with your patients.
Step 4: Receive Your New Brand
The final step is receiving your new brand identity. From the logo to the color palette and typographic design, every component has been carefully considered and designed to capture the essence of your vision and values, ensuring your brand stands out and makes a significant impact in the healthcare market.

HI·BRAND: Personal Edition

Ideal for dentist and doctors who wants to desing for the first time or redesign their brand.

HI·BRAND: For Startups and Clinics

At BRAND we will identify what makes you different from the competition and we will design a profitable health brand.

Are you ready to design your Brand?

Write us now!

Design your brand, be unforgettable, shape you legacy,

Crafting your brand is not just about creating a logo or choosing colors; it’s about etching an unforgettable presence in the minds of your patients, a presence that lingers long after they’ve encountered your service or product.

By designing your brand with intention and strategy, you’re not merely participating in the market; you’re setting the stage to be unforgettable, to stand out in a sea of competition.

It’s about shaping your legacy, leaving a mark that defines the quality, innovation, and impact of your work.

This journey of brand design is an opportunity to infuse every interaction with your essence, ensuring that your legacy is not just remembered, but revered.

Branding para odontologos y medicos
Access the best Branding service, exclusive for dentist, doctors, health startups and clinics.

More value, affordable price.

The Hi·BRAND service is the first step to connecting with the minds and hearts of your patients empowered with Hybrid Intelligence.

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Enjoy all the benefits and boost your practice.

Patients segmentation.
Digital competition analysis.
Brand differentiation elements.
Brand personality definition.
Brand Concept
Visual identity design, logo, colors, typo fonts and tagline / mantra.
Logo usage guidelines and brand strategy final report.

Are you ready for boost your practice?

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HiBrand's uniqueness lies in its specialized focus on the healthcare sector, combining advanced artificial intelligence with expert human insights. The service utilizes Alix, an AI designed specifically for health branding, ensuring that strategies and designs are deeply aligned with healthcare standards, ethics, and patient needs. This dual approach ensures a brand identity that is not only innovative but also deeply empathetic and effective in communicating with the target healthcare audience.

Interacting with Alix enhances the brand development process by providing a level of personalization and precision that is difficult to achieve with human insight alone. Alix can analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends, preferences, and opportunities in the healthcare sector, offering tailored advice that aligns with your brand's goals. This AI-driven process ensures a highly strategic approach to brand development, helping to uncover unique insights and directions that may not be immediately apparent to human strategists.

While specific examples would depend on client confidentiality and the proprietary nature of the work, HiBrand has helped numerous healthcare providers, medical device companies, and wellness brands to redefine their market presence. Success stories range from launching new brands that quickly gain market share to rebranding established entities to better meet the evolving needs of their patients and customers. These successes are characterized by improved brand recognition, patient engagement, and, ultimately, business growth.

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