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6 essential dental marketing actions to implement in 2023.

6 essential dental marketing actions to implement in 2023.

At the end of 2022, the WHO published a report revealing that around 3.5 billion people suffer from oral diseases, almost half of the world’s population.

Cases have increased by about one billion over the last 30 years, especially in low and middle-income countries, where access to quality dental care is more limited.

Another important fact is that by 2018, there were approximately 3 million dentists worldwide.

According to these figures, a safe and promising scenario for dentists on a global scale could be interpreted, but the local reality is completely different.

Thanks to our tendency to concentrate in large cities, especially in Latin America and Spain, dentistry is an increasingly hard and competitive profession.

In this scenario, modern marketing is an essential tool to stand out in an increasingly aggressive market and attract new patients.

In this new year, its implementation is more important than ever to achieve the success of a dental clinic.

But, why is it so important?

Because dental marketing includes all the strategies and tactics used by a dental clinic to identify and connect with the needs of patients, promote service experience and attract new patients.

Then, what marketing actions should we implement in 2023?

Although there are various tools and ideas, I suggest 6 essential actions to consider:

  1. Identify the needs and characteristics of a new patient market niche and design a service experience that meets their needs.
  2. Express the values, strengths, and differentiating elements of the clinic through a brand that emotionally connects with patients.
  3. Invest time and money in your digital presence (website, social networks) ensuring that they are focused on people and reflect the quality of the service experience of the clinic.
  4. Enter or reinforce digital advertising strategies, especially Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns.
  5. Have an active presence on social networks where patients are and increase value content in short video format. Attention to the evolution of TikTok (If you think it is still a dance social network, you are completely wrong).
  6. Build new alliances with other companies or health professionals. The reason? Expand your base of potential patients.

Dental marketing is more important than ever in 2023!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your dental practice in this new year.

Implementing these essential marketing actions will help you connect with your patients, differentiate yourself from the competition, and provide a valuable service experience for your patients.

Stay ahead of the game and make sure to keep up with the latest marketing trends and strategies in order to continuously attract new patients and grow your clinic.

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Ihor Lavrenenko

Dental marketing encompasses a comprehensive range of strategies and tactics aimed at understanding and addressing patient needs, enhancing the service experience, and attracting new patients to a dental clinic. It’s a multifaceted approach that combines various techniques, from effective online presence and patient engagement to branding, customer service, and outreach efforts. A successful dental marketing strategy integrates all these elements to foster patient satisfaction and practice growth.

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